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Ceramic Pet Memorial - Standard




These distinctive custom ceramic markers are handcrafted of high-fired stoneware clay and will be a permanent memorial to your beloved pet. Markers feature a clear glazed surface for endurance and easy cleaning.

Markers are available in a variety of colors. In addition to your pet's name, you can include the year of your pet's passing (or lifespan) and a nickname or short message.

●   Standard memorial markers measure 2 1/2" wide x 13+" high x 3/8" thick.
Color choices are blue, pink, gold, brown, black, and white.
Border color can be white or the same color as the background.
Price includes a cut-out shape at the top of the marker. You can choose from a star, cross, heart, bone, or cat.
For an additional charge, you may add up to 3 lines of text to the marker. Each line of text can hold up to 9 letters and spaces (possibly 10 for dates).

About the Artist: Tom in Pennsylvania

Tom is a retired middle school art teacher who has always enjoyed working with clay and ceramics. He started by designing memorial markers for his own cats and then decided, with the urging of a friend, to offer them to others. He now runs a small online business selling ceramic pet memorial markers.

Customer Testimonials:

"You really provided us with a memorial worthy of our beloved, one-of-a-kind Lola ... thanks so much for your friendly correspondence, your timely updates on your progress, and above all, for creating this work of art especially for Lola."

"Love it! What an amazing hand crafted monument. It's even better than the picture. Thank You so much!"

"Great memorial for my pet. As hard as it was to lose her, I could at least do something special to mark her grave."

"Thank you for a great product and your caring thoughts in the loss of our cat."

"Wonderful memorial for our two late pets. Well made and tasteful. Gave my little girl a bit of peace, knowing her little kitty and ratty would be remembered."



                             Blue                                                            Pink


                      Gold                                                   Brown


                          Black                                                     White

Cut-Out Shapes:


Text Options:


                     Date of passing                                             Lifespan 

                     1 line & life span
                                        2-lines & life span

●  Each line of text can hold 9 letters or spaces.

Suggested Date Format:

●  Year of passing:  2011
●  Date of passing:  5-22-2011
●  Life span:  1999-2011

Suggested Messages:
●  MY ANGEL (1 line)
●  FOREVER LOVED (2 lines)
●  FAITHFUL FRIEND (2 lines)

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