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Custom Mosaics from Your Salvaged China & Tile

If you were able to salvage any broken china, tile, or other materials from your home, these pieces can be incorporated into a custom keepsake, such as a mosaic necklace, ornament, or prayer box. Simply mail us the items you'd like to include, and the artist will work with you to create a custom piece of art to memorialize what you've lost. Send as much or as little material as you want; the artist can supplement the design with other materials as needed.

If you don't have salvaged materials from your home but you're interested in custom mosaic artwork, click here to view available products.

The following are examples of keepsakes that can be created from broken china, glassware, tile, jewelry, beads, buttons, and ceramics.

Custom Mosaic Necklaces

These necklaces were made with a variety of materials, including pieces of vintage floral china, ceramic, glass, and travertine marble tiles.





Custom Mosaic Ornaments

These ornaments were created from vintage English and Japanese tea cups and other china. A 3" styrofoam ball is the base for each ornament. Sheer ribbon included for hanging.



Custom Mosaic Prayer Boxes

Mosaic prayer boxes can be created in a variety of sizes and color palettes based on your preference. A vintage wood box serves as the base, and the exterior is covered in mosaic designs created from pieces of vintage china, pottery, glass, and ceramic tiles. Mosaic is grouted with sanded grout, and tinted to a compatible shade to complement the design. Grout is sealed after curing. The same techniques can be used if a new wooden box is preferred.




About the Artist: Mary Lou in Ohio

Mary Lou specializes in original mosaic art with a vintage flavor. Nearly all of her pieces combine repurposed and pre-loved vintage ingredients to honor and keep alive the beauty of simpler times. Retro, kitsch, antique, mid-century, primitive, shabby -- it's all here in various forms of functional, decorative and wearable mosaic art.

Message from the artist:

"I have had art running through my veins for as long as I can remember. I always find time to create, and my heart still flip-flops when I make a sale. The BEST gift I could ever receive is a box of assorted old colorful china!"

Customer Testimonials:

"Absolutely beautiful work! Highly recommend! Pictures do not do justice. Thanks so much!"

"I loooooove this!! I can't wait to give it to my aunt at Christmas. Beautiful, unique item."

"Beautiful and functional. The texture is what makes these mosaics special, and this one was no exception. My mother-in-law loved it."

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