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Framed Dog Portraits in Oil





Dog portraits are original oil paintings on canvas -- they are not computer-generated digital paintings. The artist uses only the finest oil paints, brushes, and mediums, assuring the permanence of your purchase.

The portraits are framed professionally by local framers in Manchester, New Hampshire. The result is a beautiful original oil painting, capturing your dog with vibrant color, quality materials, and excellent workmanship.

Please note that this artist specializes only in dog portraits. If you're interested in having a portrait made of your cat, click here.


About the Artist: Mary in New Hampshire

Mary is a nationally published artist who has built a successful career exhibiting and selling her landscape paintings. She received her degree in Fine Arts from Buffalo State College and has been working as a professional artist ever since. She exhibits her work in shows all over the northeast, and her work has been recognized through many awards. American Artist Magazine wrote a feature article on her work in their December 2008 issue.

Message from the artist: 

"I will apply all of the skills I have collected throughout the years to paint your dog's portrait. I am committed to your satisfaction and want to create a piece of art that you will treasure."


Customer Testimonials:

"Wow!!! That is absolutely amazing! It looks so much like him. My eyes filled up with tears the minute I saw it. It's perfect!...... Thank you so much Mary!"

"My Mom absolutely LOVED the painting!!!! She was overwhelmed with emotion and could not believe how you captured his spirit in your art....... It is perfect in every way." 

"His eyes are's like he's here right now looking into my eyes! Dan just saw it and he absolutely loved it too. It truly is just so amazing and perfect....we love it!!!!" 

"You have no idea how much this dog portrait means to me. You have really captured her, and this is just how I see her, running at my side, vibrant and healthy!"


Portrait Examples:







Frame Choices:


                          Ebony                                                       Champagne


                           Walnut                                                       Cherry


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