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Pet Portraits in Colored Pencil & Graphite



Celebrate the love and companionship of your cherished pets with a beautifully detailed pet portrait, available in colored pencil or graphite.

The artist will create a portrait of your pet based on the photos you provide. If your photos have been lost or damaged, consider looking for stock images that remind you of your pet. It's best if you can provide several stock photos to prevent any copyright issues.

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About the Artist: Daniele in Texas

Daniele has drawn and painted since she was old enough to hold a pencil and make a mess. (Her parents still have boxes of sketchbooks to prove it.) Some of her earliest subjects were animals, like the owl in 3rd grade and little chicks in 4th. Her sleepy cat, Casper, was her first pet portrait at age 12. Then came the horse stage (a whole box worth).

Daniele likes to study color and texture in the physical world. The ability to translate what she sees into a piece of art is a talent she feels lucky to have and is happy to share.

Daniele received a BFA degree from Fort Hays State University in Kansas in 1993, and has won many awards since. Her work has been shown in juried competitions as well as group and two-person exhibitions, and is displayed in collections throughout the U.S.

Message from the artist: 

"I would love to capture and preserve the spirit and individuality of your cherished animal friend in an original drawing. By putting your pet center stage and capturing his or her unique spark, a pet portrait becomes much more than just a drawing -- it's a fine art treasure."


Customer Testimonials:

"It came and it's fantastic. I can't begin to describe how wonderful this portrait is and how much it means to me. When I look at the picture I think, 'That's my boy. That's Beau.'"

"Shadow was delivered yesterday and she is absolutely beautiful!!!!! There is NO mistaking that is our Shadow!!!! I still can't believe you were able to capture her so perfectly from the pictures I sent. I especially love the way her eyes are so realistic, like she is looking right at us!! Remarkable job!!!! We can't thank you enough for bringing our Shadow to life."

"Well, I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes, so what do you think? It is absolutely perfect!! It's her. Completely her. Amazing!!"

Portrait Examples - Black & White:









Portrait Examples - Color:







Framing Examples for Multiple 5 x 5 Portraits:

Multiple 5 x 5 pet portraits can be framed individually and hung as a group, or framed together. Note: Frames are not included with portraits.


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