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Custom Photo Bracelets




One way to remember all the wonderful people and animals in your life is to surround yourself with photos. The artist can use these photos to create a custom bracelet with the images of your loved ones, whether they're family members, pets, or both.

Repurposed Scrabble tiles serve as the base of each photo. They can be left natural or painted with gold leaf. A number of bead colors are also available (see below).

Depending on the size of the bracelet, 7-10 digital photos will be required. (Please be sure you have the rights to use the photos.) The photos will need to look good when very small (only 1" square), so simple high-contrast close-ups are best (like faces), with not too much detail. The artist will crop the photos as needed to get the best possible images for your bracelet.

Bead Colors:

Note: Other bead colors may be available by request.


About the Artist: Claudia in Washington

Claudia grew up in Eugene, Oregon, a college town filled with creative people. She came of age in the late 70s, so she was too young to be a hippie and too old to be a punk, so now she is revisiting both eras and more. She likes to take items that others have abandoned and give them new life. Assisting Claudia in her creation are her 3 black cats, who share a discerning eye and aren't afraid to speak (meow) their minds.

Message from the artist:

"I especially enjoy taking items I remember from my childhood -- games, books, toys -- and transforming them into something I can use today as an adult (on the outside, anyway)."

Customer Testimonials:

"I can't tell you how much I love this bracelet with pictures of all my kitties on it. I wear it every day. The comments I get about it are amazing. People like my kitty bracelet, and when I tell them those are MY kitties, they are really impressed. I will treasure this forever!"

"Great service and wonderful bracelet!! Definitely will order more!! Thank you!"

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