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Handmade Memory Quilts - Remember Your Home or Loved One





While the artist specializes in making memory quilts for pets, she also creates beautiful keepsake quilts to memorialize homes or loved ones. These quilts are 36" x 36" and are made up of 16 squares.

The artist will work closely with you to come up with an appropriate design that captures your memories. If the quilt will be made in honor of a loved one, swatches of his or her clothing can also be incorporated into the quilt.

Because each quilt is so personal, the artist likes to learn as much as possible about the person or place being memorialized. Once you've placed your order, you will receive an informational packet that includes a questionnaire and the artist's mailing address where you can send any mementos that you want to include. The artist may also contact you via email with additional questions while creating your quilt.

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About the Artist:  Amy in Minnesota

Making memory quilts is Amy's passion -- she basically taught herself to quilt in order to work through the loss of her beloved Basset Hound, Copper. As she pieced together quilt squares representing Copper's life, she found herself working through the grief that surrounded her pet's passing.

Message from the artist: 

"My goal is to help those who are grieving a loss by capturing their treasured memories in a handmade quilt. I feel a great sense of peace when I work -- I believe that my dog Copper still sits at my feet when I quilt. I hope I can give my clients the same sense of peace when they look at their quilts."

Customer Testimonials:

"My husband and I are in complete awe of Amy's work; Minger's quilt perfectly captures her spirit and the incredible milestones our little family shared throughout the years! Amy's attention to detail, constant accessibility via email, and obvious passion in bringing healing to those who have lost pets made this a heartwarming experience. I can't recommend her work enough -- Ming's quilt is a creative, tactile, and emotional memorial to our sweet girl and I'm so grateful I stumbled across Amy's site."

"The quilt is absolutely gorgeous! Amy did a beautiful job of illustrating our beloved dog, Flint. She blew us away with her craftsmanship and creativity. It's better than I ever could have imagined. We will treasure this quilt always! She also delivered the quilt way ahead of her original delivery date. Thank you so much!!"

Quilt Square Examples:








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